jack layton is a disgrace

From the Things I Thought I'd Never See Department, I am depressed and disgusted that Jack Layton and the New Democrats will prop up the Harper Government. At long, long last, the normally spineless Liberals finally decide they're ready to pull the trigger, and the NDP takes the gun out of their hands.

"Canadians don't want another election" doesn't play for me. Canadians don't need Stephen Harper as Prime Minister, and need every opportunity to attempt to oust him.

For reasons wmtc readers articulated before the last election, I feel strongly that our present government is bad for Canada. I'm not overjoyed at the prospect of an Ignatieff-led government, but at least I'd be hopeful for an improvement.

If Jack Layton is trying to prove that his party is not obstructionist, or that the Liberals don't lead them by the nose, he does so at the expense of his party's principles. And since principles are all the NDP has, Layton is a disgrace.

It pains me to say that. But there it is.

For my thoughts on what the NDP should be doing, see here.

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