pot, meet kettle

Letters to the editor in today's G&M.
I think highly of Bob Rae, and I deplore the war crimes of both sides in Sri Lanka's conflict, but the notion that Canada's government can protest with authority to Sri Lanka's government is hypocritical nonsense (Canada Demands Answers After Sri Lanka Expels Rae - June 11).

Our government recently forbade British MP George Galloway and U.S. peace activists Medea Benjamin and Ann Wright from entering Canada to lecture about the faults of our country; so, by what right do we criticize Sri Lanka for barring Mr. Rae? And for years, our government has detained Muslims who it thinks are terrorists on security certificates, without criminal charge or limits on the duration of imprisonment; so, where is our credibility to fault Sri Lanka for indefinitely detaining Tamil Tigers without charge?

One can debate questions of degree, but one cannot deny that Canada participates in identically stupid and wrongful actions as Sri Lanka.

Amir Attaran, Ottawa


A perfect example of don't do as we do, just do as we say.

Pat Seguin, Windsor, Ontario

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