flip flop fly fun

I miss my quiet work weekends, reading Pepys Diary and Impudent Strumpet, scanning Common Dreams and Rabble for essays. There was work, but there was down-time, too.

But when a company slashes one-third of its support staff, down-time becomes a thing of the past. After so many years of saving certain reading for work weekends, I've yet to develop a new system, carve out new time, for my must-reads. Things are piling up. Uncomfortably so.

I'll need a full week of vacation just to explore this delicious site: Flip Flop Fly Ball.

Check it out. Its creator, Craig Robinson, says, "A love of baseball plus a love of infographics equals Flip Flop Fly Ball." I say, wow, I love the internet, because it brings me all this creativity and wonder.

Many thanks to M@ for turning me and Allan on to this.

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