petition to open the canadian embassy to injured iranians

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Text of Petition:

Petition to Prime Minster Stephen Harper

Dear Prime Minster Harper,

We Canadians are lucky enough to live in a country where our government representatives listen to us and act when the people demand assistance. So now, we the voting public of Canada, are requesting you to listen to us and act upon our request.

I am sure you are all aware of the current coup d'├ętat, demonstrations, violence and the silencing of the voting public by the Iranian government.

The past few days have been filled with violence and death in Iran. The wounded are unable to go to a hospital to receive care and treatment because they are being arrested and removed from the hospital before they receive treatment.

What a shame it is that people are safer in foreign embassies than at their own hospitals. What an even bigger shame is that Canada (a country known for its generosity and caring for people less fortunate then them) has not yet opened their doors to the wounded.

So far the Australian, Belgian, British, Dutch, Finnish, German, Irish, Italian, Norway, Portugese, the Swiss and the Embassy of the Republic of Solvenia, have all opened their doors and are providing aid and shelter and safety for the injured. But where is Canada? Why have we not opened our doors?

Please listen to the Canadian public and open our doors. To view the uproar and anger caused by Canada not opening their doors, visit www.twitter.com and search the tags #canadafail #canadianembassy #gr88 . There are thousands upon thousands of angered CANADIAN citizens who want their embassy opened to help the injured.

Please show us that Canada stands by their fellow countries that support democry and do not tolerate what is gong on in Iran.


The Undersigned

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