we're back

Thanks for all the nice comments while I was gone. I'll reply to everyone today.

We had a very good trip, did a lot of visiting and even managed to have some time to ourselves. There was some sadness, as an elderly relative is not doing well. Not unexpected, but still disturbing to see. Other relatives are doing great, and our old friend R (Allan's longest-running friendship) is terrific. It's so nice when someone you've known forever grows up to be a good guy.

Montreal is as lovely as I remembered, although we were only there for 24 hours, mostly spent in various cafes and bistros gabbing with people. Allan's uncle, now a Montrealer, is still after us to move there. We never seriously considered it, but after having dinner with another friend, we feel especially vindicated. C - the founder of the Haven Coalition - is French Canadian, and her boyfriend is American, trying to become a Permanent Resident. He applied directly to Quebec; that's what you do in order to live there, as opposed to our "federal" application, which covers all of Canada excluding Quebec. The American boyfriend has been waiting on Immigration for a very long time, encountering various hassles, and C believes it's because he doesn't speak French.

For the weather hounds out there, we lucked out with good weather and dry roads, and even some crystal clear days. We heard we just missed some really awful weather in Montreal, and it was turning bad again as we were leaving.

Allan's heading out of town again tomorrow, this time to Boston. He'll be joining his compadres for a celebration of all things Red Sox, and having his picture taken with The Trophy. That's the World Champion Boston Red Sox, in case you've forgotten.

Spring Training camps opened this week, and the Yankee-Red Sox rivalry is already at full throttle. With the teams opening the season against each other, home and away, there'll be no lack of drama this April. I can't wait.


Rognar said...

I hope you enjoyed your trip to La Belle Province. I go to Montreal at least once a year since my wife's family lives there. Unfortunately, I spend so much time fulfilling family obligations, I never get to really immerse myself in the vibe of the city the way I did when I was a student there. Montreal is still my favourite city in Canada (probably in the whole world, although Edinburgh is close).

laura k said...

Ah, that may explain your love of the Habs.

Montreal is a wonderful city. We didn't get to immerse ourselves on this trip either. My favorite city in the world... hmm, that would have to be Paris. With London pulling a very close second.

But then, I'd like to visit many more cities and have more to choose from.