gates in central park
view of "the gates"

gates map
central park, gates marked by red lines

I'm not getting a good photo of the map. It looks much better if you go here and click on the word map. That is Central Park, 59th Street at its southern end, 110th Street at its northern end. There are 7,500 gates - 23 miles of them.

I know this stuff is everywhere on the web. I'm just so psyched about it.


Kyle Smith said...

Ok, despite my 5 years in Rochester and a strong desire to visit, I never actually made it over to NYC. Maybe that's why I don't get it. Can you please explain the significance to us outsiders?

laura k said...

I don't think it's a New York thing. I think people either enjoy this kind of thing or they don't. Christo has created works all over the world - and people from all over the world go to see them. And likewise, people all over complain that they are silly, overblown, or whatever they choose.

I'll try to explain why I like it in another post. Thank you for asking. :)