a remedy for my blogging funk: interspecies love

I had a wildly busy -- and interesting and fun -- October, and no time to blog. Now I have time, and plenty to write about, and can't seem to string together words in any coherent order. This is typical for me when I haven't written anything in a while. I believe -- quite literally -- that I have forgotten how to write.

Luckily, some pretend blogging tends to re-boot my writing brain. Interspecies love to the rescue!

Here's a very unusual friendship: a man plays fetch with a beautiful beluga whale.

I'm not sure if this is love, but the puppy clearly thinks they're a rabbit, too.

Why would a butterfly want to play with a puppy?

This tiny kitten isn't sure about her pittie brother -- at first.

This Golden Retriever and deer have been best friends for 11 years. Here's a time lapse view of their friendship.

And finally, a dog with too much energy and his bestie, a rescued raccoon.

You're welcome!


impudent strumpet said...

I really want the backstory of how they either taught a wild beluga to play fetch or figured out that a wild beluga knows how to play fetch!

Also, I thought baby deer were significantly bigger than that, and everything about baby deer is now 37% cuter!

laura k said...

Same! Both!

Amy said...

I loved these, but not surprisingly my favorite is Wesley and Wyatt---having had dogs and cats who love each other all my life, I was not surprised to see how well they got along. It always warms my heart.