the day in shelter cove

View from Wedding Point, Shelter Cove
Yesterday was amazing and so special.

My niece E took me on a tour of the little community and local topography. We went to lookout points and beaches; saw seals lazing in the sun, sea lions throwing back their heads and barking, and a few whale spouts; took a few short walks. 

We saw all the local spots. A little volunteer-run library that looks and feels like a used bookstore -- really well organized -- and they have storytimes! The three restaurants in town -- two only open on weekends. The little general store. An abundance of natural beauty that is just off the charts. All of this in a 5 or 10 minute drive from their home. In fact, we stopped at the house for a quick lunch -- homemade, organic, vegan, and delicious -- on the deck, then resumed our tour.

I purposely didn't bring the camera on this trip, but I did take a couple of quick cell-phone pics. Unfortunately and not purposely, I forgot to pack sunscreen and am now quite red. I don't normally let that happen, but oh well.

We had dinner at the one open restaurant with some family of T's that lives in town. They were super friendly, warm people, and it was a treat to meet more of E's world. The restaurant has -- of course -- a spectacular ocean view. After dinner, E, T, and I stayed up late talking, which was really fun, and a great opportunity to get to know T better. This is a beautiful home filled with so much love.

It was so wonderful to spend the day with E. It's been many years since we've done that, and we are as close as ever. So much love. 

Here are a few more cell-phone pics from Shelter Cove. They're not very good, but the scenery is very forgiving!

Today I drive to the Bay Area!


Amy said...

It sounds like a perfect day!

laura k said...

It really was. I guess "perfect" would mean I was with Allan and the dogs. But this was the next best thing.

Thanks for reading!