can you give a few dollars to help a giver in need?

From a wmtc party: clockwise: P, Chelsea,
Jericho, Diego, Kim, Tala.

Some of you may recognize an occasional wmtc commenter "Dharma Seeker". Dharma Seeker -- whose name is Kim -- is a terrible situation right now. One of her dogs has been stolen, she will soon have nowhere to live, and her car has broken down.

I have organized a fundraiser in her behalf.

I  have known Kim since 2007, when she answered my ad for a dogwalker and we instantly became friends.

Kim is a steadfast protector and defender of animals. One of my treasured memories of Kim is when my partner and I were getting ready to say goodbye to our dog Cody. Our other dog, Tala, was very sensitive, and not used to being alone. I asked Kim if she could come over and walk Tala while we took Cody to the vet this one last time. Kim lived 30 minutes away. She dropped what she was doing, drove over, picked up Tala's leash and went out walking. Just like that. That's the kind of person she is.

Kim started a pet food bank, so people in crisis wouldn't have to give up their animals. She did this completely on her own -- she saw a need and she took action. 

She has given so much to the world, especially to animals and the people who love them. I'm hoping some of that giving can come back around to her.

Like many people, Kim struggles with mental health issues. She has had challenges over the years in finding stable housing for herself and her dogs and cats, but she has never, no matter how difficult the situation, given up on an animal.

This year Kim found herself in an abusive living situation. There was verbal, emotional, and physical violence. (This was not from a partner.) One day Kim came home to find an empty crate. Her housemates had taken her beloved dog River. They have refused to say what they did with him or where he is. Can you imagine such a nightmare??

Now Kim has nowhere to live, doesn't know where her dog is, and on top of all that, her car broke down -- the car she may soon be living in. Social services are working on finding her pet-friendly housing, but that may take months. Kim has missed a lot of work from the stress of this ordeal, and is worried about retaining her job.

Kim needs $1500 for car repairs, and if we could get her an additional $500 she could have a tiny bit of security until social housing comes through for her. Any amount will help. $5 - $10 - anything. It will all help and be deeply appreciated.

Go here to donate. 

Thank you in advance for your generosity.

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