retroactive travel blog: vancouver island april 16-24

In April, we spent a week on Vancouver Island -- an exploratory trip with an eye towards a possible (probable? definite?) move there. I had already been contacted by the Ontario NDP search committee, and as part of the vetting process, had taken my blog offline by making it "by invitation only". This meant that I couldn't blog while traveling. I hated this!

I have a travel journal from every trip I've taken since 1982. I started putting these journals online with our trip to Peru in 2006.* So on our Vancouver Island trip, I went old-school and wrote for myself, with the intention of putting it online eventually.

Now that the trip is almost two months behind us, it seems silly to post these entries. I could do a general wrap-up in a few paragraphs. But... I can't. I really want to include the trip on wmtc. Allan always reminds me that I can do whatever I want with my blog. So that's what I'm doing!

I'll post one VI day at a time, just as I would have done in real time.

* This category includes anything about Peru. Our trip is tagged with travels plus Peru.

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