in which i finally give up my blackberry

Well, I finally did it. I gave up my BlackBerry, and got a Samsung Galaxy phone. Yeah, I know, welcome to the 21st Century.

Goodbye, old frenemy
I previously only used my phone for talk, text, and organizer functions (calendar, contacts), and still felt -- still feel -- that nothing beats the physical keyboard.

But now my Nexus mini tablet is dying, and there's no good low-cost replacement. Which means I'm not buying another tablet. Which means I want a phone that knows how to do everything else. And despite what BlackBerry says and the apps it has and its tiny touch screen, when it comes to everything else, it sucks.

And since I've been blogging about device decisions for nearly 15 years, I thought I should record this momentous decision here.

My last post about a device decision was in 2012: talk me out of buying a new blackberry (if you can). The phone I bought then is the one I am now giving up. Thus I am breaking a personal rule of not replacing something that is still working.

So I've done it. Goodbye, physical keyboard. I will miss you.

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