talk me out of buying a new blackberry (if you can)

I need a new phone. My Blackberry Curve is dying. I had to replace my original Blackberry Curve when the cursor starting jumping around (a known issue), while it was still under warranty. However, the replacement phone doesn't come with a new warranty! (That is the trend in these times of planned obsolescence.) So I have to pay off my tab contract and replace the damn thing.

It seems that no one is buying Blackberrys these days, because RIM is floundering, and because iPhones and other touch-screen phones are the in thing. But I really like my Blackberry. Here's why.
- I strongly prefer using a real keyboard, not an onscreen keyboard.
- I like how easily it syncs with my computer.
- I have a serious dislike for using touch-screens.
- Some new smartphones use a stylus! A return to outdated technology, in my view.
- I've already added memory for music, so I could use the same card.
- I can get a Blackberry for next to nothing with my Wind account.

But maybe I shouldn't. Are there good reasons not to get another Blackberry?


James Redekop said...

No reason not to get a Blackberry if you're already used to them. Just be warned that next time you need to replace your phone, Blackberry might not be around...

Seriously, if it works for you, go with it.

Amy said...

I love my iPhone, but if you don't like the touchscreen, then it's not for you. My daughter just replaced her Blackberry (which she grew to dislike) with the iPhone 5. Although she had a hard time at first adjusting to the touchscreen for typing, she now loves it. It only took me a few days to adjust.

There are, as I am sure you know, smartphones other than Blackberry that have keyboards. Harvey has a Droid with one. I hate it---I find the keyboard much harder to type on, but I am now used to the touchscreen. He is fine with it, but says he will replace it with an iphone next because he likes the bigger screen, better camera, and other features of the iPhone.

But it sounds like you have already made up your mind, and I know better than to try and persuade you otherwise! I'd just be worried about getting service/repairs/replacements if RIM goes out of business or making your model.

laura k said...

No, I haven't made up my mind - hence this post! :)

And, I didn't know there were other smartphones with a regular keyboard. What model Android is it? The only Androids I'm familiar with have touchscreens.

laura k said...

I don't find the touchscreen difficult to use. I'm pretty good at adapting to various devices. I just don't like it. Strange but true.

laura k said...

if it works for you, go with it.

That's what Allan says.

Amy said...

I will ask him when he comes home. I don't know what model it is or even if it is still made. He's had it for a couple of years. It seems most people prefer touchscreens these days.... :)

impudent strumpet said...

If you can get it for next to nothing, the question to ask yourself is whether you have any reason to believe you won't get your money's worth. In other words, if it costs you, for example, $50, do you have any reason to believe that you won't get $50 worth of phone out of it?

Amy said...

FYI: His phone is a Motorola Android Pro. He has had it for two years, so who knows whether it is still being made with a keyboard.

laura k said...

Imp, excellent point. Getting my money's worth isn't my sole concern, because I hate to buy and trash stuff. (I'd still be using my original cell phone if such a thing were possible.) But the low cost does make this a risk-free decision.

Amy, thanks for the info. It looks like they are still made with keyboards! I'll have to see if I can use one with my mobile provider.

laura k said...

From today's Toronto Star, which I only saw because it was lying open on a table in the library:

In Ottawa Circles, It's BlackBerry or Bust

But if you ask many of us in Ottawa why we’re still sticking with the BlackBerry, willfully ignoring its troubled fortunes of late, you get one, prosaic answer: the keyboard.

That wee, tiny keyboard on the BlackBerry is its chief, competitive advantage, as far as many of the stalwarts are concerned.

No matter how fancy those iPhones get, we still can tell the difference between emails typed out on those flat, onscreen keyboards and the touch-friendlier BlackBerries. The iPhone messages are riddled with errors and autocomplete embarrassments. A BlackBerry missive, on the other hand, is painstakingly typed letter by letter — using thumbs trained in new, 21st-century arts of dexterity.

If you’re tapping out news stories or conducting interviews through rapid-fire BlackBerry exchanges, the accuracy thing is no small matter. The keyboard counts for a lot.

Here, here!

Amy said...

Glad to help. Good luck!

As far as that article, I find I have FEWER typos on the iPhone! When I use Harvey's on occasion, I find I miss the keys far more often than on my phone. Also, I love how the iPhone remembers words/abbreviations I use often and how it knows from context that when I type "cone," I meant "come," or how it will autocomplete words after just a few letters. I almost don't have to look at all at the "keys"---the phone seems to read my mind. Of course, I do proofread, and there is always the chance of some random autocorrect, but 95% of the time, the phone does amazingly well.

laura k said...

The BlackBerry does that, too. Are the keys on Harvey's Android raised or flat? I find the raised keys help a lot. I can type accurately on my BB without looking, just like I can on a full-sized keyboard.

But I remember you saying several times that you couldn't gamethread on Harvey's netbook, and I never got what that was about. I'm just a very adaptable typist. :)

Amy said...

Yes, they are raised---sort of angled, in a way.

I guess I am either (a) not as good a typist (I am sure that is true---I never learned touch typing, and although I type using all my fingers and pretty quickly on a laptop or regular size keyboard, I do it my "own" way) OR (b) I am just not as coordinated! And I am sure that is true also---not the best fine motor coordination.... OR it could just be that I am impatient about adjusting to changes. Yeah, that's true, too. :)

Amy said...

FWIW, Rebecca said she could always type faster on the BB, but she wanted the advantages of the camera, Face Time, bigger screen, etc., of the iPhone. Face Time is great---nothing like seeing Nate's face when I talk to him, and it's better than Skype.

laura k said...

I know that last one is true. :)

Allan also types his own way, using (I think) 4 fingers. Maybe 3?

I am a very fast touch typist - although my fingers are not as nimble as they once were, now I'm just very fast instead of crazy super fast. :)

laura k said...

I have a camera on my BB. I would never use Face Time. I hardly ever use my phone for voice calls! I use it primarily for texting, emailing, and all the organizer functions. And for music when I need to.

There is no way I am ever getting an iPhone. If I do have to give up the BB, I'll still go with something else. If I can manage to go my whole life without buying anything from Apple, that will be good.

Amy said...

I used to say that about Apple, but...

I also rarely use the phone as a phone, except with Nate. Seeing his face on my phone makes my day! I do use the camera a lot, but mostly I use the phone for email, internet, facebook, texting and games.

To each his/her own!

Amy said...

Also, IMO, the camera on the iPhone is much better than the one on Rebecca's BB. Her photos never had the clarity that the iPhone has. I never use my regular camera any more.

OK, I am done. I really have no vested interest in selling you on the iPhone. :)

laura k said...

Seeing his face on my phone makes my day!

That is so sweet. :)

I wouldn't buy a phone for the camera. We have two nice cameras, a good point-and-shoot and a nice DSLR with a very good lens. The camera on a phone is, for me, for emergency use only - to capture a sign, for example. I'm guessing your iPhone probably just has better resolution that Rebecca's BB. But neither of them is an adequate camera, IMO.

OK, I am done. I really have no vested interest in selling you on the iPhone. :)

Good thing, since I'm not even considering it! I haven't the slightest desire to own one.

laura k said...

This just in from Alan With One L.

Dear Laura,

Do you want someone to try to talk you *into* buying a new BlackBerry? If so, I would urge you to go ahead and get one--if that's what you want.

In case you don't already know any or all of this:

* New operating system forthcoming in January--which will be a big change. I'm guessing what you want is to go against the tide [Is there a theme here? :-)] and buy *before* this change, rather than waiting for BlackBerry 10. I'm hoping for browser improvements, and some of the user interface changes look nice. But, mostly, I'm counting on no degradation of the "boring", built in stuff I absolutely depend on: Calendar, Tasks, Messages, Contacts, plus continued support for Kindle.

* New BlackBerrys [All? Most?] will have touch screens--as do some now. That's OK--as long as keyboard remains as awesome is it is now. I totally agree with you about [hardware] keyboard!

* Not only can you use your memory card--unlike iPhone--and swap and change cards as desirable [I have a 32G one now--which is so great, allowing me to have all the books, music, Podcasts and photos I could ever want with me all the time.], you can swap batteries on BlackBerry--unlike iPhone--too. This was *important* during the whole storm adventure; also *nice* during long flights, etc.

* So many people use and like BlackBerry, and sales are increasing in many parts of the world; so I really don't see it going away any time soon.

* I've had this Bold--which is pretty-much a somewhat souped-up Curve for coming up on 2.5 years and it is [almost] everything I could want in a mobile computer/phone/whatever.

[Then there's some other personal stuff, and then...]

Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

laura k said...

So I did know about the Blackberry 10, but I'm fine buying a new one before the new O/S comes out.

The ability to swap memory cards and batteries is important. I had no idea iPhone users couldn't do that. WTF? How can you not have that?

Ass AW1L says, I'm also fine with a touchscreen as long as it STILL HAS A KEYBOARD!!! :)

The funny thing about the whole thing about the supposed death of RIM and Blackberrys is that BBY is still the standard in governments, universities, and among journalists all over the world. Canada follows the fortunes of RIM almost as closely as hockey, but zillions of people buy and use Blackberrys and don't know anything about RIM's troubles.

So, that's it, then. There's little point in buying an Android in the hopes that it will be a Blackberry substitute. I might as well buy the thing itself. And it's practically free.