myth-busting and truth-telling: challenging the govt's claims about refugees

The Canadian Association of Refugee Lawyers has a great page that counters every single one of the Harper Government's statements lies about refugee claims in Canada. At the site, click on any of the statements to read more.
Challenging The Myths: The Truth About Canadian Refugee Law

The Federal government’s refugee laws and policies are shrouded by myths and misinformation. The circulation of these myths is one of the biggest barriers to understanding the issues affecting asylum seekers and refugees in Canada.

This page highlights some common myths about refugees to correct the record and provide accurate information:

1. Canada is not being “overwhelmed” by refugee claims

2. Canada does not take more than its “fair share” of refugees

3. Refugee claimants are legally entitled to arrive in Canada without papers. They are not “illegal” or “fraudulent”

4. Refugees need not “wait their turn” to be resettled from refugee camps abroad

5. Rejected, abandoned, or withdrawn refugee claims are not “bogus”

6. Harsh tactics like mandatory detention are not effective in combatting human smuggling

7. Refugee claimants who arrive in Canada by boat are not “queue jumpers”

8. Roma refugee claimants face real threats of persecution; they are not “bogus”

9. Refugee Claimants do not pose a threat to Canada’s security

10. Canada’s new refugee regime is neither fair nor balanced

11. There is no such thing as a “safe” country for refugees

12. Health care has been drastically cut for refugee claimants; they do not enjoy “gold plated” care

13. The new system does not preserve Canada’s human rights record, it undermines it.
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