new year's resolutions from our man woody guthrie

According to the good folks at WoodGuthrie.org, our hero Woody Guthrie wrote these New Year's resolutions, which he called "rulin's," in 1943.

Happily for us, an admirer at another website has transcribed them. Woody's rulin's are by turns sweet ("learn people better"), fanciful ("dream good"), and practical ("wear clean clothes"). Some are downright hilarious: "wash teeth if any".
33. Wake Up And Fight

32. Make Up Your Mind

31. Love Everybody

30. Love Pete

29. Love Papa

28. Love Mama

27. Help Win War — Beat Fascism

26. Dance Better

25. Play And Sing Good

24. Send Mary And Kids Money

23. Have Company But Don't Waste Time

22. Save Dough

21. Bank All Extra Money

20. Dream Good

19. Keep Hoping Machine Running

18. Stay Glad

17. Don't Get Lonesome

16. Keep Rancho Clean

15. Learn People Better

14. Listen To Radio A Lot

13. Read Lots Good Books

12 Change Bed Clothes Often

11. Change Socks

10. Shine Shoes

9. Wear Clean Clothes

8. Write A Song A Day

7. Drink Very Scant If Any

6. Eat Good — Fruit — Vegetables — Milk

5. Take Bath

4. Shave

3. Wash Teeth If Any

2. Work By A Schedule

1. Work More And Better
I like that someone at "Business Insider" posted this. I like to think The People have comrades hidden everywhere.

As we head into 2014, we need Woody Guthrie in our hearts more than ever. Thanks to Rob Wile for posting and to David Heap for passing it along.

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