a quieter life, plus photos

Finally, some peace and quiet. This is the first time since the sewage flood on July 8 that our home is quiet. This lovely state of affairs exists because we filed a complaint with the Landlord Tenant Board, requesting our Landlord be ordered to stop renovations on the basement until after we move out. The complaint has not even been processed yet, but the Landlord backed down. Another lesson in Know Your Rights! (I would like to create a new tag/category for wmtc called "know your rights," but I feel like it would apply to half my posts.)

With a plan for Tala's rehab, and the construction crew banished, we can finally breathe around here. Or at least I can. Allan is coping with deadline pressure, but at least now he has a quiet space to work - albeit it's the kitchen table.

On my days off, I've been working on sorting our photos from our trip to Spain and putting them online... and I'm finally finished. There are more photos than anyone wants to look at,* but perhaps you'll bookmark them to go through at your leisure. (Or not!)

Links to the sets on Flickr are below. Or, if you're really ambitious / love travel diaries / want to relive my trip to Spain / are a masochist, the sets are now linked at the end of each blog post labelled "Spain trip".

A few architecture photos from London.

The same for Paris.

La Sagrada Familia, in Barcelona

Park Guell, Barcelona

Moderisme walking tour, Barcelona

Casa Batlo, Barcelona

Old City and Roman ruins, Barcelona

Barcelona anti-austerity demo

La Palau de la Musica, Barcelona

Mercat St. Josep, Barcelona

La Palau Guell, Barcelona


Over the mountains of Andalucia


The acqueduct at Segovia



Cantabria and Asturias, although our reason for being in that region was not photograph-able.

A few photos from the Gernika Peace Museum, and the ceramic reproduction of Guernica.

The Bilbao Guggenheim

* For previous trips, like Peru and Newfoundland, I would choose representative "best-ofs" and only post those. Now I'm finding that is just too much work! For this trip, I edited out obvious failures or blatant dupes (like trying the same photo using three different settings), and then just posted the set.

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