what i'm watching: another frontier: in which my star trek experience enters the 1980s

An historic moment in "what i'm watching" history: I've just seen my first-ever episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

I finished watching Star Trek TOS, the whole series, in order. I was sad when it ended! I miss Mr. Spock! I want more!

So after one Star Trek-less week, it seemed only right to begin anew.

I remember when Star Trek TNG first came out. I read reviews and was very interested in the show. But it was 1987. I was busy running around New York, hearing live music, getting involved in activism, adopting our first dog. TV was unimportant.

Over the years, I'd see random bits of TNG while flipping channels, so I knew what the characters looked like. And I love Patrick Stewart. But I always passed it by.

Thanks to Netflix plus Roku plus our hacked router, tonight I started from Episode One. Hey, I said I'd let you know.

* * * *

If my posts seem a little thin these days, both in quantity and quality, well, it's March. But unlike my usual March anxiety and brain overload, this year I'm coping with an excess of joy. I'm on the very verge of finishing school, about to make an exciting job announcement, Allan has some crazy big news of his own, and we're planning a trip to Europe. Joy Overload. More as I have it.

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