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I hardly noticed the transition from Baseball Season to Movie Season this year. With the Red Sox having their worst season almost 50 years (1965), my tolerance for the nightly loss ran out some time in July.

By August it wasn't unusual for Allan to keep the game on his computer while we played Angry Birds. (We finished the whole game, then went back to the beginning to get three stars on every level. Gotta have those golden eggs.)

Plus, one of the really nice pieces of dumping cable in favour of streaming has been having Netflix all year. Zip was $30/month, and I didn't want to pay that on top of all our baseball-access expense, just for off-days and rain-outs. But at $8/month, Netflix all year is no problem.

So while the Red Sox were still playing, we...

- finished Sherlock - can't wait for Season 3!

- finished Justified - can't wait for Season 4!

- watched The Big C - really enjoyed Season 1 but it seems to be falling off in Season 2, although I'll try a couple more episodes

- tried Huff - has potential but is not great

- started Weeds from the beginning - we had seen bits and pieces here and there, hoping it pays to watch straight through

- watched all of Little Dorrit (just me, and I wish Netflix had many more Masterpiece Classic-type shows)

- devoured Season 1 of Downton Abbey, and are halfway through Season 2

We've only seen Season 1 of The Wire, so we might go back to that.

No matter how many people tell me I must watch Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones, I'm finding it hard to work up any enthusiasm for those. It might depend on how much other good stuff there is.

Some of the movies already on my list:
Into the Abyss (Werner Herzog)
Happy Go Lucky (Mike Leigh)
The Descendants
The Artist
The Hunger Games
Daydream Nation
A Beginner's Guide to Endings
The Whistleblower
Trigger (Bruce McDonald)
Shut Up Little Man
Route Irish, The Angels' Share (Ken Loach)

What have you seen and liked or loved this past year?

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