how to send mail to kimberly rivera

Kimberly Rivera, the Iraq War veteran and war resister who was forced out of Canada by the Harper government, is being held in at her former base in Fort Carson, Colorado. Supporters wishing to write to Kimberly Rivera can send cards and letters to this address:
Kimberly Rivera
c/o All Souls U. U. Church
730 North Tejon Street
Colorado Springs, CO 80903

Supporters at the church will bring Kim her mail in batches. This will draw less attention to her on the base, and might circumvent some censorship.

However, please be aware of her situation and refrain from messages that could be used against her. Please send messages of love and support, not anger, and nothing incendiary!

Kim has not been charged yet, and at present is free to roam around the base, although not free to leave. Supporters in the area are giving her the use of a bicycle, so she can get around more easily. Kim has some limited access to internet at the base library, and the use of a cell phone, so she can call and text her family and her lawyer.

I know your cards and letters will mean a lot to her. Thanks to everyone for all your continued support.

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