now at summerworks in toronto: the hearing of jeremy hinzman

If you're in Toronto, you have a unique opportunity to hear the voices of war resisters as you have never heard them before.

The Foundry Theatre Company has taken the transcripts of Jeremy Hinzman's hearings before the Immigration and Refugee Board, and statements by members of the War Resisters Support Campaign, among others, and forged them into a play. "The Hearing of Jeremy Hinzman" will be presented as part of Summerworks, in six performances, beginning today.

WHERE: The Theatre Centre, 1087 Queen St West (at Dovercourt), Toronto

WHEN: See performance schedule.

Members of the War Resisters Support Campaign will be on hand at every performance, circulating petitions calling for Operational Bulletin 202 to be rescinded. OB202, in the words of former IRB Chair Peter Showler, "sets a basic principle of refugee law on its head", by singling out US war resisters as being inadmissible to Canada.

If you can, join us for a performance of "The Hearing of Jeremy Hinzman". Whether or not you can do that, please be sure to sign the petition and join the fight opposing OB202.

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