let them stay: mark your calendars

Supporters of US war resisters in Canada, and my friends at the CIC, please mark your calendars for two important upcoming dates.

On Wednesday, August 19, we'll launch Rally For Rodney, a national and international day of action in calling on the Harper Government to stop the deportation of Iraq War veteran Rodney Watson.

Rodney served a full year in Iraq, and was three months away from the end of his contract, when the military ordered him to deploy to Iraq for a second year. By this time Rodney knew the war in Iraq was based on lies, and was a war of aggression waged against a civilian population. He refused to deploy, coming to Canada instead. He's been living in BC since 2007 and has a Canadian-born son.

Plan on putting aside a little time for phone calls, letter writing and other activities in support of Rodney.

Also on Wednesday, August 19, if you're in the Toronto area, you can show support for war resister Dean Walcott by joining our vigil outside the federal court. Details here.

On Tuesday, September 22, Morgan Phillips will perform his one-man play "Emergency Monologues," as a fundraiser for the War Resisters Support Campaign. Details to follow.

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