"only hatred will be left here": his name is ezra nawi and he needs our help

A courageous human rights and peace activist named Ezra Nawi is in prison in Israel, awaiting sentencing.

Nawi, a Jewish Israeli, was arrested when he tried to stop a military bulldozer from destroying the homes of Palestinians in the South Hebron region. Please watch this moving video of the army's action and Nawi's arrest. I find it extremely disturbing.

Nawi's actions threaten the Israeli Government because they call attention to its immoral and illegal actions in the Hebron region. Yet he represents the best of Israel: Jewish citizens fighting for justice. From a New York Times profile of Nawi:
His family has trouble understanding his priorities. His mother says she thinks he is wasting his time. And many Israelis, when told of his work, wonder why he is not helping his own. Mr. Nawi has an answer.

"I don't consider my work political," he said between phone calls as he drove. "I don't have a solution to this dispute. I just know that what is going on here is wrong. This is not about ideology. It is about decency."

You can read the whole profile here.

People all over the world are writing to the Israeli Consulate where they live, and spreading the word.

Nawi is scheduled to be sentenced on August 16. If nothing else, we must show Israel that the world is watching.

Please join Naomi Klein, Neve Gordon, Noam Chomsky and thousands of others trying to shine a light on injustice. Go to FreeEzra.org, watch the video, read more, write a letter.

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