music and passion by sara marlowe

Last night Allan and I left work early to attend a CD release party for "True Stories", new music by Sara Marlowe.

Sara is a talented musician and committed activist, and she seamlessly combines the two. Her lyrics fall squarely in the tradition of music in support of social justice, while her music is a free-ranging mix of rock, jazz and folk. Sara's arrangements, which feature cello, flute and mandolin, give the songs a texture and depth that is simply beautiful.

For many of the war resisters and campaigners in the crowd, the highlight of the evening had to be the transcendent version of "Let Them Stay," a kind of campaign theme song, which Sara wrote. I had never heard it performed with a full band, and I had chills.

Also performing were Fellow Worker, who sings in the movement and protest tradition, by turns funny, moving and inspiring, and DJ Mohammed Ali Aumeer, aka Socialist Hip Hop, who regularly donates CDs to raise money for the war resisters and other peace activism. Sara and Ali perform a number together about Haiti that blows me away every time I hear it.

Sara Marlowe: website, on MySpace, on Rhapsody.

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