what i'm watching: why we fight, slacker uprising

Recently in comments, M@ mentioned that the movie "Why We Fight" is now available for free online.

If you haven't seen this great documentary, it goes a long way towards explaining the US war machine - why it exists, and who benefits from it. I personally couldn't sit through a full-length movie on my computer, but if you can deal with the format, it's well worth your time. It's here.

M@'s tip reminded me that I never posted about another free movie opportunity. Michael Moore is giving away downloads of his new movie, "Slacker Uprising". You only need to be a resident of Canada or the US. Sign up is here; you enter your email address and receive a link to a free download.

For a mere $9.95, you can purchase "Slacker Uprising" on DVD. We always buy Michael Moore's movies, to help support his important work, and because we love them. The extras are usually great. For ten bucks, this is a no-brainer for me.

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