we go to newfoundland

I can't travel without writing about it. I have a travel journal from every trip I've taken as an adult, beginning with my first trip to Europe, with my dear friend NN, in 1982.

When Allan and I went to Peru in 2006, I blogged my travel journal for the first time, and I really enjoyed it. So I'm doing it again. If other people's travel diaries are not your thing, check back in early July.

I'll be writing daily, but I may not have daily internet access. It's possible I'll have to post a few days' worth of journal all at once.

As with Peru, this will be text only, no pictures. After we get back, I'll sort through the photos and choose a selection to post. We're bringing both film and digital cameras.

This blog now uses comment moderation permanently; I'll put comments through once or twice daily.

I'm really excited. If I'm going somewhere, I'm happy. And extra-special-happy news, I was just offered a big writing/editing job that will pay for the trip!

We leave very early tomorrow morning. Keep in touch, ok?

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