what i'm watching: flight of the conchords, eddie pepitone

Two days ago, I had never heard of Eddie Pepitone and never seen a single minute of "Flight of the Conchords". I had heard of the show, but didn't know what it was and never bothered to find out.

Last week we hung out with our friends M@ and S, and they lent us the first season of FOTC on DVD. They thought we would really like it; if nothing else, we'd appreciate the New York City locations.

Yesterday morning I see a clip of comedian Eddie Pepitone on Joy of Sox. I'm not into stand-up, and very little of what many people find oh-so-hilarious doesn't even make me smile. But I really liked this. Big loud laughs. Very enjoyable. (Clip to follow, keep reading for now, ok?)

Then last night, Red Sox night off, we pop Flight of the Conchords into the DVD player. We love it. LOVE IT. It's brilliant and hilarious. The music video parodies are amazing. We laugh so hard, we are crying and gasping for breath. And I did indeed love seeing New York City.

And there he is: Eddie Pepitone. We can't believe our eyes. He plays the boss of the sign-holding company, where Bret and Coko meet.

I love weird coincidences like that.

The show is brilliant. We watched four episodes straight through. Amazing stuff.

* * * *

Yesterday's planned outing to Elora Gorge and vicinity was postponed due to uncooperative weather. But spring is back today and I'm in dire need of a day off, so here we go.

I was wondering why, with all the gorgeous weather we've been having, I didn't plan a day out earlier this month. What was I doing with my days off all these weeks? Allan reminded me: day games. I love day baseball, but I can only take so much time off. The Red Sox need to play at night so I can go walk in the woods.

* * * *

And now, Eddie Pepitone. (Totally not safe for work!) It looks like we would also know Pepitone from The Sarah Silverman Program if we had continued watching that.

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