Congratulations to my partner, Redsock! His blog, The Joy Of Sox, won Best Sports Blog in the Canadian Blog Awards. Impressive!

Diebold was not involved, and as far as we know, all the votes were counted, one time each. I attribute Redsock's success to a dedicated GOTV campaign, with a special assist from some key citizens of Joy Nation. Thanks to everyone who voted, and to everyone who put up with Allan's nagging frequent reminders to vote.

What does it mean that the best sports blog in Canada is about baseball, not hockey? Is it the Americanization of Canada? Deep Integration? Or just a great blog?

Congratulations, too, to all the bloggers whose blogs were in the Canadian Blog Awards, especially to those who made it to round two. Many thanks to My Blahg for creating and hosting the awards.

Allan will be thanking his volunteers at a pep rally tonight, after which his political career will go down in flames. Years from now he will speak at a Canadian political convention. YEEEARGH!

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