The Husky rescue group from which we're adopting Tala hadn't put her on their "hold" list. More than a week after we met Tala, she was still listed as adoptable. I suspected RP ("rescue person") simply hadn't gotten around to it. Animal-rescue people are always stretched so thin. Even so, we were concerned. We're already in love with Tala. What if she went to someone else?

I tried to be patient, but finally emailed RP. So, it's confirmed: Tala is ours! Yay! RP must have used this as opportunity to update her website, because the "hold" and "adoptable" lists are completely different today.

RP and her husband also sent the photos they took the day we met Tala. I've added a few to Tala's Flickr set, including shots of their license plates, which she sent at my request. I like that bumpersticker: My parrot is smarter than your honor student.

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