the second visit

We're planning our next fact-finding mission to the Toronto area. Last time we flew JetBlue to Buffalo, which saved a lot of money and wasn't too inconvenient. But now I see that Air Canada has very low fares from Newark to Pearson, so we can save money and time, even better. Toronto Pearson airport (as opposed to the airport in downtown Toronto) is very convenient to where we think we'll be living. I get the feeling that the airport was once in the middle of nowhere and Mississauga sprawled out to meet it.

We probably won't even go into Toronto proper this time, or if we do, just for one evening to have dinner with friends. We're going to stay in Mississauga - since the airport is there, there are plenty of hotels - and focus on looking at apartments out there.

I have a whole bunch of addresses and phone numbers from my internet research. Our goal is to see a lot of places and come home with a good idea of where we want to live. Then, one bright and shining day when our application is approved, we'll contact the building agents and see what's available. That's the plan, anyway.


Anonymous said...

If your there on a Friday, I'd suggest watching the CBC comedy Friday starting at 8 pm. You'd probably get a kick out of our two political humour shows: Royal Canadian Air Farce and This Hour has 22 minutes.

laura k said...

I wish we could! We work our day-jobs on the weekend, so we'll be there mid-week.

I'll remember that for the future, though. (Actually, I won't remember it, my mind is a sieve, but I'll remember it was in a comment and I'll look it up.)

Anonymous said...

Well, then maybe Corner Gas which is on CTV at 8pm on Tuesday.

And Torontonians seem obsessed over a drama called Train 48 (which takes place on a GO commuter train) though I can't understand the appeal. If your going to be a Torontonian though, it seems to be some sort of rite of passage.

laura k said...

This could be the most useful advice yet!

Anonymous said...

One last plug for Canadian TV. I mean, you can watch all of the American networks in Toronto, but you can learn a litle more about us from our comedies.

You can view clips from the entire last 4 seasions of Royal Canadian Air Farce here:


laura k said...

Cool, thanks! We are huge fans of Kids In The Hall. And of course Canada has sent the US some of its best and most famous comics.