no, the whole country lost

On my way to work today, a guy on the subway platform called out "Hey, your guy lost!" It took me a moment, but I realized he was looking at the anti-W button on my backpack (which I have no intention of removing). I guess he was one of the 16.7% of Manhattan voters who voted for Bush.

Amazingly, I actually thought of something to say on the spot, instead of 15 minutes later. My answer is the title of this entry.

We saw "Control Room" last night. I cannot wait until my tax dollars support national health insurance instead of this insane war.


allan said...

Alternative comment:

"Why the fuck aren't you in Iraq, you war-criminal-loving motherfucker?"

(just a thought for next time...)


laura k said...

(scribbling) Thanks, I'll make a note of that. :)

Anonymous said...

Well, I am not sure which comment I am responding to but it doesn't muc matter. I am obviously here for a reason. I too have been thinking it's time to jump ship. Sad to say I don't feel compelled to stick around until the bitter end. I saw Titanic and it isn't pretty. I love to see the insipid comments people leave for you though. I really like the short ones. They think they were so straight to the point that your whole thought process will come around to theirs.

I have found that the folks who like war and believe there is a place for war are the very ones you couldn't trust in a fox hole. Now, I don't want to be in a fox hole, but if I had somehow found myself in one, I hope the people next to mee were smart enough to know when to run away. Nothing says live another day like a good retreat.

I find it odd that after all those anti-war movies we have have seen about Vietnam and other wars showing us what we already knew to be true about war like Platoon, Born on the 4th of July, and Good Morning Vietnam. Somehow they seemed to have fixed it so that when those buildings came down, we were left with the dirty job of cleaning up after them. It was the smoke screen they used to set up shop and take over our country without a shot fired, well, in this country. Unfortunately it gave GWB the images he needed to look like a President.

But you already know all of this.

Anyway, Good luck with the move! I may just be following you before too long. Keep posting here and let the rest of us know how blazed the trail is these days. I hope they wouldn't look upon us as foreigners moving in to take their jobs from them.

All the best! Leo

laura k said...

Leo, thanks for your great thoughts. Now I'm doubly glad I left all the stupid comments in.

Canada is one of the few countries in the world actively encouraging immigration. I get the feeling that Americans who are fed up with Americanism are welcomed.