oregon family visit, part 4 (ashland to portland)

We stopped briefly at my mom's place in the morning. Allan was interested in some old family photos -- from my mother's childhood, and from family before I was born. (Allan does the genealogy thing. I do not.) We managed to identify everyone: my great-grandparents (who were still alive when I was born, but only briefly), my grandmother's many siblings, all of whom I knew well, and most of whom Allan met and remembers.

Saying goodbye to my mom is always difficult now, although I don't show that until we've left. I'm incredibly lucky that she's alive and well, and I always wonder if this will be the last time I see her. She will be 92 this summer.

We had an easy drive to Portland, stopping for a round of In-N-Out on the way. We're staying at the lovely AC Hotel Portland, part of the Marriott chain. I notice that hotels all do the "housekeeping on demand" thing now. This one doesn't even pretend it's because it's greener. Something to note, folks: housekeeping staff are scheduled and paid as required. Requesting housekeeping daily helps workers and their families survive. And who doesn't enjoy coming back to a hotel room with a freshly-made bed and a spotless washroom? Isn't that half the fun of hotels? You can always hang up your towels to save water and electricity.

Last night we had dinner reservations at a place recommended by one of M&M's friends: Gumba. It's a hip but relaxed space in the Alberta Arts District -- and they started out as a food truck, winning the city-wide Best Food Cart award in 2017, which in this town is really saying something. The dinner was easily the best meal of the trip so far -- and we've eaten well every day. We have a reservation at a different place tonight, but I kind of want to eat at Gumba again. (It was also very reasonable: two small plates and one (shared) large plate, plus two glasses of wine, for less than $90 before tip. That was a nice bonus.)

Today we have the full day in Portland. You know where we're headed first!


Amy said...

I am so glad Allan is interested in your family history and that you support his interest even if it isn't of interest to you. Harvey really isn't interested and also discourages me from doing any digging for fear there's some skeleton in the family closet!

And I know what you mean about saying goodbye to your mother. I hope that she remains well for a long time.

laura k said...

I didn't know that Harvey doesn't encourage your genealogy work! I'm very surprised, since it's an absorbing passion of yours.

There are skeletons galore in both our family closets. I believe that's called life. :)

Thanks for your thoughts and wishes, I appreciate it.

Amy said...

Oh, Harvey DOES support my genealogy work---as long as I steer clear of HIS family!!

laura k said...

Ah-ha! Cute! :)

I don't know how much digging Allan is doing into my family tree, beyond some basic names and dates. I hope none -- because he has far more important things to do, and limited time in which to do them.

Amy said...

Hmm, as someone who spends many hours a week doing genealogy, I might find that insulting! But maybe Allan really does have more important things to do than I do. :)

laura k said...

Genealogy is the most important thing if it's the most important thing. That's an individual decision. It's an excellent and extremley worthwhile to spend your time on -- if it is to you.

Allan works full-time and is trying to write a book. That requires a degree of time management that -- let's just say -- does not come naturally to him. So for him, doing genealogy research into his partner's family, when she doesn't care about her family tree? There are far more important things he could be and should be doing. Like working on his damn book. :)

Amy said...

I get it! I wasn't insulted...just reacting to the way it was written. :)

laura k said...

Thank you for prompting me to explain it. Allan does read these comments. :)