pupdate: in which cookie decides to make a bit of progress

First there was Incident With a Fish Head.

Then there was this.

What is that dog doing, you may ask. She's chasing tiny fish.

She did this for two hours.

Two hours!!!

We brought treats to practice recall, but I didn't remember to make them high-value treats. No way this dog is leaving her mad fishing fun for a crunchy cracker, even it is poutine flavoured!

We tried everything, but Cooks was in her own world. Her own fishing universe. The tide came in, so she was no longer in a tide pool. Just out there in water up to her neck, trying to catch tiny fish.

After about two hours, she finally started slowing down. Some other dogs came over to say hi, and while she was distracted, I was able to grab her collar.

It starts out as funny and adorable. It ends in frustration and exhaustion.

We live so close to this beautiful beach, we could pop down there to give the pups a good run any time. Several times a week for sure! But if it takes 90 minutes to get Cookie back in the car, then we need a big block of weekend time.

Today we were prepared: we opened a can of salmon, and took some dehydrated liver treats along with it. That's as high-value as it gets. And finally, we saw progress!

Cookie still did her crazy fish-jumping thing, and both dogs ran far, far down the beach, almost out of sight. But for the first time ever, Cookie decided -- you could practically see her making the decision -- to come back to us and get her reward. She did that six or seven times.

We have a ways to go, for sure. They don't exactly turn on a dime and run back to us! But we have something to build on.

Meanwhile, back on dry land, Cookie has learned to open doors. First she let herself out the back door. The yard is fenced in, so, not a problem. We forgot that the front door has the same kind of handle!

Cookie let herself out of the house, Kai followed, and they went for a stroll. My poor mother was terrified that they'd be hit by a car. Kai came back as soon as Allan called her. Cookie was busy playing in the neighbour's yard, and Allan was able to grab her. (I was at work.)

Forget about trusting Canadians not locking their doors. Our doors must be locked, front and back, whether we're home or not, all the time.

This dog! She's an evil genius!

The cutest, sweetest, most affectionate evil genius in the world.

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