in which i am a local celebrity

Impudent Strumpet wondered if Allan and I were now locally famous. Well, apparently we are. Things I heard at the library: "I want to do a story on you."

The customer who said this is the owner, publisher, writer, and editor of the North Island Eagle, a community newspaper here. Instead of a story about me, I suggested a piece on some of the exciting things going on in our library. She one-upped me: a story about me and an invitation to write a library column. I am thrilled! This is an amazing and unique opportunity to promote our services. I've already turned in my first column.

There are actually two local papers here. The North Island Gazette is part of the Black Press Media chain, which publishes small local papers in western Canada and the US. The North Island Eagle is brought to us by the initiative and hard work of one woman.

Everyone reads both papers. In town, you can buy the Vancouver Sun, the National Post, and the Globe and Mail, but in the library, I've only seen customers reading the free newspapers. That may be more a function of expense than anything else.

For this story, the writer emailed me questions, and I basically wrote the story from there. She edited out any mention of why Allan and I moved to Canada in the first place. That seems like an odd choice to me, especially given the current US political context, which is highly unpopular in Canada. The story is the fluffiest fluff, but who cares: library column!

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