what i'm watching: further thoughts on himym

A few weeks ago, I blogged about watching "How I Met Your Mother," a show that has been a huge surprise to me. At the time, I thought the show was slipping in quality. I had started the eighth season, and the whole thing was off. The characters were too shrill, the situations too zany and over-the-top. Having come that far, I was determined to soldier on. To my surprise, I was rewarded. (I should call this syndrome The Springsteen.)

After three or four subpar episodes, the show found its voice again. Overall, Season 8 turned out to be one of the funniest, saddest, and most genuine so far. The final two episodes were downright beautiful, some of the best romantic comedy I've ever seen.

So Season 8 ends with the first glimpse of Ted's future soulmate, The Mother. And now, according to so many people, Season 9 will completely tank.

I think I'll re-watch some of Season 8 before I move on.

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