it's september and u.s. war resisters in canada are at risk for deportation

Two years ago, almost to the day, US war resister Kimberly Rivera and her family were forced out of Canada by the Harper Government. Kim - peace activist, artist, mother, dreamer - crossed the border and was immediately taken away in handcuffs. She served more than a year in prison, separated from her husband and children. Her crime: refusing to kill innocent civilians in Iraq, and refusing to risk being killed and leaving her own children without a mother. When news of her removal from Canada was announced in Canada's House of Commons, the Conservative MPs applauded.

Now it is September again, and again US war resisters in Canada are at risk for deportation. People who have lived in Canada a long time, made a life here, people with jobs and families and roots, may be thrown out of the country.

The Harper Government wants to do the bidding of the United States. Stephen Harper may finally get his wish - what he was denied in 2003 - and get to send Canadian troops into Iraq. And he doesn't want these truth-tellers around to testify to the harsh reality: that the US's 2003 invasion, destruction, and occupation of Iraq caused the horrors that are going on there now. Because the truth is, if the US and Canada wanted to help the people under siege in Iraq, they wouldn't be doing it with bombs.

Here we go again? Apparently the majority of Americans now believe there are ISIS sleeper cells in the US and overwhelmingly support military action. Glenn Greenwald asks:
How long will we have to wait for the poll finding that most Americans “regret” having supported this new war in Iraq and Syria and view it as a “mistake”, as they prepare, in a frenzy of manufactured fear, to support the next proposed war?
Meanwhile, my friends - who refused to make war, who have risked so much for peace - may be forced to leave Canada. If that happens, they will be jailed in the United States. They will have criminal records that will affect them for the rest of their lives. Because they refused to participate in an illegal war against a cilivian population.

If you can help, please donate here. If there's more you can do, I will let you know!

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