happy new year from wmtc

On January 1, 2013, I was still in library school, and working as a library page. Allan's book proposal was still sitting on a publisher's desk. We were living at G's Court, and had no thought of moving.
In 2013, in order of appearance:
- Allan got a book contract,
- I got a promotion from page to circulation clerk,
- I finished my Master's degree,
- We went to Spain (plus London and Paris),
- I got my first librarian position, part-time,
- I broke my foot,
- Our basement, Allan's office, was destroyed by a sewage flood,
- We moved,
- The Red Sox won the World Series!
- Allan wrote a book!, and
- I got my first librarian position, full-time.

In 2014, I'd like to: work as a librarian, live in one place, and have all my friends and family (including the non-human creatures, of course) enjoy good health, all year long.

Here's to a quietly productive year to all who want it, and a year of change for all who are after something different. Happy New Year!

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