this is not a happy day for labour

Sid Ryan, President of the Ontario Federation of Labour:
Today, there are 250,000 fewer full time jobs and 355, 000 more unemployed workers. That’s only half the picture. Thousands of “new” jobs being created are part-time, contract, unstable, unpredictable and low waged. This explosion of precarious work is fast becoming a new normal.

Life is getting a lot tougher since this transfer of wealth and it is getting much more so.

. . . .

Since its inception, the labour movement has always been the key force in society seeking to restore a balance of power – not just for their own members but for all working people. The accomplishments and victories have fundamentally changed millions of lives: Medicare, pensions, weekends, minimum labour standards, social housing, social services are there for the benefit of the overwhelming majority of us and not the elite few.

Our recent and first victory in the campaign to ensure retirement security for all Canadians through an expanded Canada Pension Plan (CPP) is the result of an intense and widespread campaign. Average Canadians joined with us to convince governments that we have a right to a future that enables us, at the end of our work lives, to live in dignity and health. That significant first step now has to be followed up to make sure the CPP cap and contributions are adequate.

As thousands of trade unionists gather across Ontario to celebrate this Labour Day, we renew on our determination to do just that and to restore a balance of power so that the vast majority of Ontarians are able to profit from their work.

Won’t you join us?

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