support bill c-440 postcard campaign: your help wanted

I've been quiet on wmtc about the War Resisters Support Campaign lately, because I wasn't ready to tell the CIC what we're up to. But now it's time to reveal our plans and enlist your help.

As you I hope you know, the current focus of our campaign is on Bill C-440, the private member's bill that would allow Iraq War resisters to apply for permanent residence in Canada. Private member's bills survive prorogation, and it's possible C-440 may get a second reading in the next session of Parliament.

Whether or not that happens, we want to make visible the very strong, broad support that exists clear across Canada for allowing US war resisters to stay in this country. To that end, we are on a massive postcard drive. (Find the typo!*)



Through our supporters all over the country, we've already distributed 4,500 of these cards. While we wait to receive the signed cards in return, we're doing a second printing.

Can you help? We're asking all our supporters to not just sign a card (very good) but also take responsibility for getting more cards signed (even better). Bring a small batch to an activist meeting, to school, work, your place of worship... your curling club, your next lunch date... wherever. Make a pitch, have people sign the cards on the spot, then collect the cards and return them to me or to the Campaign.

Every card counts. Can you take 10 cards? 5? 30? Let me know how many and where to send them. Email me or the campaign with your name, address and how many cards you want.

Dig in, folks. It's easy to do and it will make a difference.


* But don't tell me about it. I know where it is.

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