international human rights day 2009

Today, December 10, is International Human Rights Day. It's a perfect day for...

... Peter MacKay to resign for his failure to prevent Afghan prisoners from being transferred to inhumane conditions where they would be tortured, despite knowing full well what was happening,

... supporting Michael Ignatieff's private member's bill calling for gender pay equity as a non-negotiable,

... standing up for the human right of conscientious objection to war, by making a donation to the War Resisters Support Campaign, and

... supporting the human right of free expression, by helping Defend Free Speech and George Galloway fight Jason Kenney in court.

I'll be celebrating International Human Rights Day at the Quaker House, with a fundraising dinner in support of war resisters.

Thanks to Andrea for sending a story on Ignatieff's bill.

Update. In comments, reader Scott M reminds me that MacKay wasn't Defence Minister at the time in question, something I forgot while under-caffeinated this morning. However, Scott also points out - and of course I agree - that MacKay has been lying to the public about his knowledge of events. Harper, MacKay, Kenney and the rest of the bullies, nothing but lying, obfuscating, smearing and shit-flinging, should get the hell out of there.

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