"no pet left behind"

To follow up on my question here, Ren's Pet Depot in Oakville carried the ramp we were looking for. They didn't have any in stock, but they ordered it for us. It came in yesterday, and it's great! It's lightweight, telescopes for different uses (car, patio, etc.), and has a great surface for paws. It's this one here.

Predictably, Cody was afraid of it at first, but with encouragement, treats, and having no choice as we blocked her attempts to get around it, she's learning to use it.

Many thanks to James, M@, David H and others who had ideas on the ramp. I also want to highly recommend Ren's, a large, independent pet supply store with good prices and a knowledgeable staff. Dharma Seeker said they sell food to the local animal shelter food at cost, another reason to support them. I think we'll switch from PetSmart to Ren's whenever possible.

The ramp is made by SolvIt Products, a company who declares "No Pet Left Behind". They make steps, travel carriers, bicycle trailers and even strollers so animals can be with their people.

One time, long ago, I was waiting to cross a street in New York City, and beside me was a woman out for a run, pushing a three-wheeled stroller, the kind people use to run with their kids. But strapped in the stroller was a beautiful, very old, German Shepherd. I thought it was such a great idea. At that age, the dog could really only go outside to do its business and hobble back inside. It would be stuck in an apartment all day. This way, it got fresh air and sunshine, got to see the world and spend time with its person, without taxing its old joints. The woman and I chatted a bit; I remember her saying, "When they're this age, every day is a gift."

I've been wondering how we'll all go for hikes this summer. Maybe a stroller is in our future?

Cody post coming soon.

cody ramp april 09 002

cody ramp april 09 002

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