what i'm reading: holy cow: an indian adventure by sarah macdonald

I haven't had a chance to delve into my latest Pierre Berton tome, because I had to read something else first. When my niece E was here in August, she left a book that I was supposed to read and return to her over (US) Thanksgiving - which is coming right up.

So I read Holy Cow: An Indian Adventure by Sarah Macdonald. It's a travel and discovery book, about an Australian woman's experiences living in India. I was reluctant to read it, but E, who lived in India for six months, told me she had been reluctant, but then loved the book.

The writer was reluctant, too. She didn't even want to be in India, but ended up embracing it and all its bizarre incongruities. It's a very good book - funny, honest and revealing. Macdonald, a very good writer, takes you through her own transformation from horrified skeptic to acceptance and understanding. If you're interested in India and like travel books, you would probably enjoy this a lot.

My niece E - whose mother is friend of wmtc "mkk" - describes herself as madly in love with India. I can't say that after reading Holy Cow I'm any more inclined to travel there, but I will say this: don't read this book while you're eating.

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