loyalty vs conformity

Once again, I've been accused of "sounding like a Red Sox fan". Last year I wasn't sufficiently outraged at Pedro tossing Zimmer. (I thought it was hilarious!) This year I do not necessarily believe that the Yankees will win and the Red Sox will collapse. In other words, I don't have blind loyalty. My objective assessment of the situation doesn't lead me to the same conclusion, therefore I am not a good fan.

To that I say a quiet but emphatic Go To Hell.

The behavior of most Yankees fans these days absolutely disgusts me. (As did the Red Sox fans chanting "Where Is Roger" in 1999.) We've had so much winning, the Yankees have given us so much to be proud of, yet it seems that most fans can only spew bitterness and hatred. Given the historical lopsided outcome of the rivalry, I don't know what there is to be so mean about.

Red Sox fans' hatred of the Yankees - that makes sense. I'd feel the same way if I were them. But why so much meanness towards the team that has placed second to you for so long? The joy of winning is not the same thing as glee over the other team losing.


allan said...

This cement-headed attitude is very similar to the one you wrote about in "relevant bit of writing" (link on right side of blog) -- that unless you see everything as 100% positive (all gumdrops and sunshine), then you are a traitor. Bah.

Oh, and for anyone wondering "Where Is Roger?":

"In The Shower!"

laura k said...

Yes, exactly. That's why the title of this post echoes the title of that essay. You've always told me the Yankees were Republicans and the Red Sox were Democrats. I don't believe it's that cut and dry - I won't insult all the liberal-minded Yankees fans I know - but right now it does feel that way.

Actually, Roger is in the playoffs. Forty years old, still going strong, and probably hoping to beat the Red Sox in the World Series.