protesting the invading hordes

The march was great. It was huge, high spirited, angry and peaceful. And sweltering! I'm not used to being out in 90-degree blazing sunshine. Whew.

It was the largest protest ever conducted against a political convention, and probably the second largest demo ever held in NYC, after the great anti-nuclear protest in June of 1982. (I was there - were you?) From what I hear, the police mostly behaved themselves. After the march, thousands of us exercised our cherished right of peaceable assembly in Central Park, mostly lounging around on the lawn, some people playing music.

It will be very interesting to see what happens tomorrow, August 31, a long-planned day of civil disobedience actions. I won't be participating, but I admire the demonstrators and wish them much good luck and safety.

I am continually inspired by the vast creativity brought to the protests these days. Seems to me that's a relatively new phenomenon. The t-shirts, buttons, stickers and signs are often so biting and thoughtful. (Who knew the letter W could be so creative?) Everyone checks out the signs around them, points them out to each other - and we all get more ideas. Our "Bring Back Complete Sentences" buttons, courtesy of Catherine from Georgia, were a big hit - we gave them all away.

Onward to November.

Meanwhile, on the Canada front, on Saturday I looked at more apartments online, and got even more psyched. As a tradeoff for living in suburban sprawl, I am determined to get a fantastic place. Hopefully three bedrooms, or two bedrooms plus a den/solarium, so we each have our own workspace without using a living room or dining area for office space, a balcony or patio, a fireplace... the works. On our next trip up there, we'll stay in Mississauga (there are a lot of hotels, since the airport is out there) and be very focussed on looking at apartments in a few different areas.

The website where I check the status of our applications hasn't been updated in months. It's driving me crazy.

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