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Not everyone is supportive; some people seem offended by the idea of our moving. I don't mean right-wing wahoos - I haven't told any of those. I mean some fairly liberal minded people have seemed offended. What's up with that? Do they feel I am somehow rejecting them?

The people we met in Canada seemed to get it right away. When they hear you are American and moving up there, they just nod knowingly and say, Good for you. It seemed like an unspoken code.


Anonymous said...

Jealousy,like suntans, manifests itself in various shades and life is about taking chances, both well-organized and less so. The undersigned can attest to the above. Those who protest at your heartfelt and carefully thought-out plans have gotten themselves an emotional suntan. What they're really saying is "I wish I had enough guts to do something like that!" You both should be congratulated for taking, to all appearances, a very constructive step in your lives.

laura k said...

Thanks, C.B. That's a very perceptive observation.

Anonymous said...

I got the same thing, from some of my like-minded US friends. "Stay and fight," they told me. "Fuck that," I wanted to say. I am not about fighting. By accident of birth, I am an American citizen. I've chosen to live somewhere else. It's an informed choice. I don't owe the US anything. I still vote in federal elections, and even though I think of it as pure altruism, I get roundly criticized by some who say I am selfish and want it both ways. I find that bewildering.

I also notice that if one moves from the US to Spain or England or Mexico or Germany or France, even, it doesn't inspire the same dialogue as when you announce you are moving to CANADA. O, Canada, you are a symbol of dissent and desertion.


Anonymous said...

I think that the people that seem offended are probably less offended than disappointed. We are losing great members of our army. The revolution is coming and we need all the soldiers we can get. I've thought about it myself, long and hard. But I am an attorney. It may be much more difficult for me to do it. And I am afraid I would feel like I gave up too easily. I believe that the U.S. can be just as wonderful with some hard work. But I do wish you all the best, and it really does sound wonderful. I have no ill feelings.

laura k said...

Thanks, Beth. That's nice of you. You'll have to trust me on this one - people are highly offended. Read more of this blog and you'll see just how offended they get.

If I thought a revolution was coming in the US, I'd never leave. I just don't see it. I think the country is on the road to fascism. Somehow I don't think that's the kind of revolution you mean!

But I hope I'm wrong, and I hope you find the moral courage to fight on the side of the good, and not make up excuses. Thanks for your good wishes.