island day trip with mom: whale watching cruise from telegraph cove

The pictures tell the story this time -- all Allan's. It was an amazing experience, far better than I expected. We also learned a lot about whales. It was such a privilege to be around these magnificent animals.

We weren't out 10 minutes before we saw orcas, humpbacks, and porpoises.

Once we learned to identify their blows, we saw humpbacks everywhere!

Our guide identified each orca by markings on its dorsal fin.

This is a Humpback surface feeding.

Several times we saw several whales at once, all around the boat.

Steller sea lions -- very big!

A whale and the sea lions in the same shot.

We saw an epic battle over a salmon.

I hope he was able to keep it.

Prince of Whales Tours: highly recommended!


Stephanie said...

Awesome! So the lesson here is that August is much better than June...I will keep this in mind.

laura k said...

June might be OK, but you'd have to go on a boat, rather than a kayak.

Stephanie said...

Yes, I would like more info on the boat you took.

Amy said...

Wow! So exciting! How long was the trip, and did you say you were in a kayak?

laura k said...

Oh no, we were not in a kayak! That would have been something else entirely. I do hope to go kayaking (maybe on a semi-regular basis) but haven't yet.

We were on a boat that holds around 75 people. Lucky for us, there were only 19 on this trip.

The trip was 3 hours, and it ran over, so maybe 3:20.

Amy said...

Ah, it was your response to Stephanie that confused me---I read it as that in June you'd have to take a boat, not a kayak--meaning that you were able to take a kayak in August. I was wondering how Allan managed to take such great photos while trying to paddle a kayak!

laura k said...


Stephanie and her partner David visited us in June. They went on a guided kayaking trip -- but didn't see whales.