pictures of our new house are one (extra) click away

Allan took some photos of our house while it was still empty. If you are so inclined, you can see the pics here: Our House.

So go do that now, then come back, OK?

You're back?

Not shown:

As you walk in the front door, to your right is a room that adjoins the kitchen, which we'll probably use as a dining area. To the left, a very large room that will contain our shared bookshelves (more books live in our offices), a puzzle table, and a futon that is also the guest bed.

The two front rooms don't have doors, just entranceways, so we'll want to have get a door made for the guest bedroom.

There are three bathrooms -- a large ensuite (mine) with a shower, a full bathroom upstairs (Allan's), and a small bathroom downstairs near the laundry room, also with a shower. Plus a gigantic garage.

Thanks for indulging me. I think I'm now done posting house photos on wmtc. If I'm moved to post updates as move-in and decorating go along, I'll do it on Facebook.


drf said...

Yet another very positive event in your move to Cascadia! Any regrets? Not for us...
especially this time of year when we see what the temps/humidity are in NW Florida.
Congrats on the new house!

Amy said...

This architect's daughter cannot resist trying to create a floor plan in her head, so either humor me or not. The room with the piano (they left you a piano! Do either of you play?)---is that the room you intend as the dining area? Or is the dining area in the front where the bay window is?

I assume that the two offices are upstairs where the dormer windows are. And the masterbedroom is downstairs (with your own bathroom! Wow!) Where is it? In the back of the house? And what is the room where the piano is??

OK, like I said, feel free to ignore. I just can't help trying to puzzle out floorplans. It's in my DNA.

In any event, it really looks like a lovely house that has been well-kept and with lots of useful spaces. As my grandmother would have said, use it in good health, or something like that.

laura k said...

Do we play piano. Short answer, I used to. Long answer is more interesting and will be a post.

Upstairs: master bedroom with walk-in closet and ensuite bathroom, another full bathroom, and our offices (which were kids' bedrooms).

Downstairs to the left as you enter the front door, large room mentioned above that will be books, guest bedroom, etc.

To the right as you walk in, small room w piano which we may use as dining room. That leads into the kitchen, and the rest you've seen, except for laundry room, small bathroom w shower, and that area leads to the garage.


laura k said...

Drf absolutely NO regrets, either about moving to Canada or to the far west coast. Especially now as temperatures are climbing, and we stay relatively very cool.

Right now I feel like the luckiest person in the world.

laura k said...

Amy, yes, the house has been very well maintained. And the appliances were all upgraded in 2016. Pretty sweet. I'm liking the kitchen more, too.

Amy said...

Thanks, Laura, for satisfying my need to visualize it all! It sounds and looks so nice, and you guys both sound so happy. You deserve it all!

And I look forward to reading your piano story. I once played also. I quit as an act of teenage defiance when I was 14 or 15 and am sorry that I did, now that I am older and wiser and wish I could still play.

johngoldfine said...

Cannot agree with Allan's dissing woodstoves in favor of fireplaces. There are stretches here in Maine where our usually dog-centered universe becomes a soapstone stove-centered universe--a change which five dogs artfully draped around the thing, sucking up heat to nearly-combustible degrees, agree with whole-heartedly.

Your home looks lovely!

laura k said...

We are VERY happy to have a wood stove! Electricity is very expensive here, and the stove is supposed to save us a lot of cash, plus ward off the damp.

We just loved the fireplace in the rental. We had never had one before. It was a luxury. But I'll gladly replace it with lower heating bills.

laura k said...

And thank you!

allan said...

Cannot agree with Allan's dissing woodstoves in favor of fireplaces.

Well, I like looking at a fire, which is tough to do with a wood stove.

Right now, both dogs are in one of the front rooms, laying on the carpet in the sun coming through the window! Cookie's been there for hours!!

they left you a piano!

I'm thinking the reason is because it must weight 3,000 pounds! I thought we could move it to the other room across the hall. But two of us could barely budge it. ... So it's staying where it is!

After roughly ten hours of moving (over 2.5 days), I am completely exhausted. As they say in the buddy cop movies, "I'm getting too old for this shit." (I think I said that a few moves ago...) But almost everything is out of the house, saving for boxes in my office and a bit of firewood and other random shit. We have a cleaner coming on Saturday, which is also when I will mow, remove the fencing, and fill in the few holes. And that should do it!!

Amy said...

Yes, pianos are a bitch to move. We moved Harvey's from NY to MA and then from our first house in MA to the one we now live in. Ask me how many times ANYONE has touched that piano in the last 30 years.... (Of course, we did not move it. We hired a mover to do that.)

Take it easy, Allan! Moving is exhausting. And don't be as compulsive as I was last move when I stayed up til 3 am putting away all the dishes and pots and pans, etc., so that at least he kitchen would be set up for our first breakfast the next morning.

laura k said...

We had breakfast in the new place this morning, and I worked on the kitchen today and cooked dinner tonight. :)

I am really enjoying unpacking and putting things away here. I don't stay up late doing things, but I do start before dawn!

laura k said...

fill in the few holes


impudent strumpet said...

#LeastImportantThing: I like how there are lots of outlets in Allan's office! I've never had enough outlets anywhere I lived, until I bought pre-construction and I was able to get them to install extras.

(The lady who was taking me through the process of choosing my finishes was bemused that I had no strong feelings about kitchen and bathroom finishes but got excited when I learned I could get extra outlets. But the Rogers installers were very impressed that every time they turned around there was an outlet and a multiport right there.)

laura k said...

We LOVE that we have tons of outlets! Outlets everywhere!! Every room has outlets everywhere! We love it!

We are so used to using power strips, extension cords, 2 to 3 prong adapters, 3 to 2 prong adapters, etc. etc. We are loving the outlets.

#LeastImportantThing? I think not!

laura k said...

I am finding many lovely benefits to owning that I never thought of when I was a renter. Perhaps another post.