in which we are officially homeowners

It's official! We are homeowners!

The former owners left us a plant and a card! Is that amazing? The card says they hope we are as happy in this house as they have been.

Our plans to go over on Allan's dinner break with a bottle of champagne didn't work out, but the pups had their first run in their new yard. We left the bubbly in the fridge for tomorrow night. Here are some pics of the deck and the yard -- both were big selling points for us.

The porch is covered! Very useful in this climate.

Raised beds, and trellises! I may be forced to garden.

What we paid for this house wouldn't buy a one-bedroom condo with tiny rooms and shoddy construction in Mississauga. Of course, not everyone wants to live in a tiny town in the middle of a rainforest. But we sure do!

I feel so at peace here. I just want to make the most of my library work, enjoy the beauty of the coast, hike in the quiet woods, relax on my deck, love my family. Read, make jigsaw puzzles. Advocate for my union sisters and brothers. And just soak up the quiet. It's the quiet that makes this life so wonderful -- not just the sound of birdsong, but the visual quiet, the quiet of simplicity. 


allan said...


How did you manage to take pictures with no zooming dogs in them?

laura k said...

Using the cell phone camera, they came out as blurs!

Amy said...

How wonderful! The deck and yard look amazing! And I love that the sellers left you a plant and a card. When we sold our house after 25+ years, we didn't think to leave a plant, but we did leave a note saying essentially the same thing---that we hoped the new owners had as much joy in the house and that they loved the house as much as we had.

Enjoy it all! I know that you will. What a beautiful post!

James Redekop said...

Welcome to the club!

Once we're more settled here, and you're more settled there, we'll have to come up to visit & meet the pups.

laura k said...

Amy, thank you so much. That's so sweet that you also left a note for the new owners.

johngoldfine said...

"The poorest man may in his cottage bid defiance to all the forces of the Crown. It may be frail — its roof may shake — the wind may blow through it — the storm may enter — the rain may enter — but the King of England cannot enter — all his force dares not cross the threshold of the ruined tenement!"

--Pitt the Elder

A sentiment shared by most dogs I have known....

Rachel said...

A vision to behold! Enjoy every peaceful moment in your rain forest hideaway.

When we sold our Richmond Hill house, we left a large platter of pastries - as well as excess furniture the buyers were happy to 'inherit.' Nicest deal ever.

impudent strumpet said...

I like how in this post you're exclaiming over the fact that they left you a plant, with no mention whatsoever of the fact that they left you a piano!!!

laura k said...

Ha ha ha, that is funny, now that you mention it!

I thought the piano needed its own post.