concentration camp resistance scrapbook

Resistance to the migrant concentration camps in the US seems to be growing. Or maybe I'm just seizing on anything that looks like hope.

I wanted to collect all the examples I've seen so far, then I'll post more in real time.

June 2018: No Kids In Cages marches

July 2, 2019: #CloseTheCamps protests in advance of the July 4th holiday.

July 12, 2019: Lights for Liberty. Americans: GO.

Direct action to free people: post their bail!

Indianapolis church puts creche scene in a cage

Kansas kids' lemonade stand raising funds to help "kids at the border"

Never Again Is Now: Boston protest shuts down the city. Similar protests happened in many US cities. I love that these Jewish activists are claiming the streets.

Law firm offers pro bono representation to any ICE worker who resists participating in family separation.

This photo circulated with a story on a protest in Boston,
but was taken at a protest in San Francisco.
Workers at Wayfair walk off jobs, protesting company selling beds to concentration camps. Damn, I wish I hadn't spent so much money at Wayfair!

ItsGoingDown.org has a resistance timeline.

Microsoft workers protest company's role in ICE concentration camps.

In New York City, RAICES commissioned artists for some hard-hitting guerrilla art. Cops removed the ten installations, but images circulated widely. At the link above, Forbes calls the images "disturbing".

RAICES does amazing work. If you are looking to donate, your money will go a long way here.

Outside United Nations headquarters in Geneva, protesting teenagers put themselves in cages.
Plenty of room for more. Which ones will be effective, we will never know. All hands on the wall.


Jay Farquharson said...

Hacker Magazine has a list of every Concentration Camp in the US by State, City, Address, with phone numbers and fax numbers.


One of the anyifia groups compiled a list of all the Corporations and Universities profiting off the For Profit Concentration Camps. I’ll go look go look for it tomorrow. There’s also a push to get Trudeau to repeal the “First Safe Country” Agreement with the US. I’ll add those.

laura k said...

Ah yes, I got the No Safe Third Country from Amnesty.

Geez, a list of concentration camps. Surreal.

Thank you, Jay. Post anything here in comments, please.

Jay Farquharson said...

The Companies operating the Concentration Camps arn’t the ususal Private Corporations.

They are structured as Real Estate holdings and rely on a regular flow of credit to keep operating and so far, protests have caused BoA to pull their lines of credit.

They make $770 a day per head, which is why there are thousands of empty beds at the DFCHS Facilities, that the children are supposed to be transferred to if unaccompanied, with in 72 hours, but children have been held for months.

One of the reasons the CBD/ICE take the kids away from their families at the Border, and refuse to release them to parents and family members already in the US, is to feed this profit chain.

Gen. Kelly went right from Dolt45’s maladministration to Colburne International, one of the Concentration Camp Corporations. It runs the notorious Homestead Concentration Camp where there is no soap, no toothbrushes, no diapers, refugees have to drink from toilets,.......

Jay Farquharson said...

Lists of Corporations, Universities and Service Providers to the Concentration Camps in the US.




deang said...

We also had a No More Cages demonstration on July 4 here in Austin, with circa two thousand showing up. And I just found out that a coworker has immigrant family members who have been jailed and had their children taken from them within the past few months. Like you, I have almost no hope at all, but I don't know what else to do but try by showing up at demonstrations or whatever is going on. But I always just want to cry about it all.

allan said...

The United States' newest concentration camps are rife with disease, filth, and lack of proper food. Doctors say children are being imprisoned in "torture facilities". Seven children have died recently (and 24 additional people have died in ICE custody under Trump). And although the prisoners do not have soap or toothbrushes and are unable to sleep because the cells are overcrowded, the Trump administration has told judges the conditions are both safe and sanitary.