pupdate: ten things we love about kai

The yard is only partially fenced, so until we close the gap, Kai is tethered.
She doesn't seem to mind.

Allan, Diego, and I are totally smitten by this little munchkin. What a surprise, eh? In no particular order, here are ten awesome things about Kai.

1. She's housetrained. Through at least four foster homes and who knows what else, she hasn't had an accident in the house.

2. She loves toys. Kai always wants to have a toy handy. If she runs off to greet one of us, she first grabs a toy. If she's lying quietly, she wants to have a toy nearby. Tala was the same way, and this reminds us of T, in a good, not-totally-heartbreaking way. Final Foster Mom brought a bagful of Kai's toys, and they're all over the house.

3. She's discovering her boundaries. Can I stick my head in this big bag of dog food? Oops, guess not! Can I jump in bed with Mommy? Nope! If I sit, will I get a treat? Yes!

Kai has Serious Resting Face.

4. She's super affectionate and snuggly.

5. Her coat is feathery soft.

6. She's willing to respect Diego. They had one loud argument -- while they were on-leash, vying for who would greet me first when I came home from work. It was quite loud, with lots of teeth showing, and would have scared anyone who doesn't understand dogs. From our vantage point, it appeared that neither dog would back down. But now Kai defers to Diego and I don't think they'll fight again.

7. She loves her crate. For Diego's sanity, we're crating Kai when we're not home. We did the same thing with Tala and Cody. The older dog needs a break. When we're home, we leave the crate door open and often find her curled up inside.

This does not count as an eagle sighting.

Diego gives it a try.

8. She's a bundle of energy. Yesterday they had some time in an off-leash park, and she practically flew in circles, and showed no sign of letting up until we had to rein her in.

9. But not all the time. She seems to understand that there are quiet times when she shouldn't run around the house at top speeds.

10. She fits right in. It feels like she's always lived here.


allan said...

Her first two nights, she did not really want to stay in the bedroom with the three of us. Maybe Diego was giving off a vibe, but I don't think so. Maybe she was just a bit unsure and needed the security of her crate (and her own blanket) in the living room. But before Night #3, I brought her in alone and had her sit on the dog bed by my side of the bed. Then she laid down. And she spent the night there. She was there last night, too, without any prompting!

M@ said...

I only wish she and Jake could hang out! Can't wait to meet her.

Jay Farquharson said...

Happy, happy, happy,

Brindle is so soft,

Young Jake brought Charlie by for treats and scritches, ( Italione Spinone)

so we had dog time.

Good on ya!

Keep the dogs coming; )

johngoldfine said...

Don't you find those hall scatter rugs in a constant accordion pleat due to scampering dogs?

laura k said...

Thanks Jay :)

John, we got some heavy duty padding that really holds rugs down well, and also gives the rag rugs a nice cushion.

The bedroom floors are carpeted, but the rest of the house is laminate floors -- super slippery, Diego was having a very hard time. We bought some rugs and took out all our little mats and runners. They often go askew, but they do stay pretty flat. Usually.

impudent strumpet said...

She seems to understand that there are quiet times when she shouldn't run around the house at top speeds.

And does she agree with the rest of the household about when those times are? :)