the move west: day eight: sicamous to delta bc

Sicamous looked like a sweet little town, nestled on the shore of the Shuswap River, with mountains visible on two sides. We had breakfast at Grandma's and Grandpa's Family Restaurant. Most of the customers -- seniors at that time of day -- seemed to know each other and were talking very loudly. When I went to pay at the front, the woman said, "So where are you folks bound for now?"

I said, "Port Hardy."

She said, "That's an interesting place for a vacation."

I said, smiling, "Actually, to live."

"To live? Now that's really interesting!" She looked eager, so I thought I'd pile it on.

"Yes, relocating from Toronto."

Her face lit up. "Oh my! Everyone will be very interested to hear this!" What a riot.

The drive out of Sicamous towards Vancouver started out very scenic and lovely. When we reached the Coquihalla Highway, it started to rain lightly and was sometimes icy. We had been warned that this highway, which runs through the mountains, is prone to sudden changes in weather, from sun to rain to snow and back again in an instant. It was a beautiful, dramatic drive around and through mountains, until it started to rain hard, and was just a nuisance.

In Hope, where the highway straightens out, on the way to Chilliwack and Abbottsford, we stopped for more A&W -- not quite the In-N-Out saga I've indulged in when in California, but still more fast food than I need for a long time to come. I did try their "Beyond Beef" meatless burger. Great idea, glad that they're offering it... nowhere near as yummy.

After that it was rain, rain, rain for the rest of the drive. Yes, we were warned!

We're staying at the Coast Tsawwassen Inn, a few minutes from the ferry to the Island. It's a cut above our Super 8s -- actually several cuts above -- and very pet-friendly. They gave me a little bag of dog treats, tied with a ribbon, when I checked in!

The room has a little sitting area. I lay down on the couch, and woke up three hours later. Allan, M, and SIL had eaten dinner; Allan brought something back for me, and I dimly recalled half waking up to answer some questions.

This is our last night in a hotel! Tomorrow night, Tuesday, we'll be in the house. Wednesday, people are coming to unload the truck, and our internet is being installed on Thursday. Until then, I'm hoping to compose in another app, then post through a data connection. I moderate comments on my phone, so we should be able to keep the blog running.

I've gotten so much great feedback about this travel journal, both here and on Facebook. I really appreciate you reading this. It's wonderful to know you're out there.

We're super excited! It's especially wonderful to see Allan so happy.


Kim_in_TO said...

So nice to be able to follow this daily. Are you going to post photos anywhere?

laura k said...

Thanks, Kim. We'll definitely post photos on Flickr and put the links on wmtc.

We really only took pics of the drive through the Rockies, and a few random pics here and there. But for sure I will share what we have.

drf said...

Good early morning! And, a HUGE sigh of relief you guys survived the Coquihalla!
So, you've noticed the rivers of moisture coming off the Pacific? It's unusually
windy here in downtown VAN this morning. Hope this doesn't mean a delay for the
ferry crossing for you. I know you are ready for this adventure to be over! Looking
forward to seeing photos.

Stephanie said...

I was looking at the forecast and it is rain rain rain. I am just back from having Lucas' anal glands drained (Nice eh?). Something about this type of dog...

He was afraid of the cats that were there at first.

Crazy mutt!

Stephanie said...

I LOVE the sounds of mom and pop breakfast place you were at! I would guess they talk loudly because the hearing/hearing aids are going.

And as far as I can tell you've got rain until the weekend but 8 degrees, Nice!!

Kyahgirl said...

I hope you have a great day today. It’s a long trip from Tswassen to Port Hardy but you will get to see the whole east side of the Island in one fell swoop.

drf said...

Rain has abated in Vancouver...sunshine and 60 (still can't do the C thing). AND,
look @ the forecast for Port Hardy...upper 40s and partly cloudy Wed/Thurs!!! Perfect
for moving into your home!

Craig Rowland said...

I was in Tsawwassen only last month. Small world. I passed through on my way to Point Roberts, the only time I ever crossed the CAN-USA border on foot.

HillbillyInBC said...

Welcome to BC! Long-time lurker and occasional commenter. I've been enjoying your moving chronicle and look forward to reading your take on island life (I hope to retire there someday soon).

tornwordo said...

Thanks for taking us along!

allan said...

The "very interesting" woman also was talking very slowly, clearly extremely fascinated at what she was hearing. And probably feeling great about possessing such a juicy bit of gossip that no one else yet knew.

laura k said...

Welcome Craig and welcome back HillbillyInBC!

I posted today but did forget to mention: not a drop of rain yesterday as the truck was unloaded.

Thank you everyone for your good wishes.