this just keeps getting better: port hardy plus full employment

This. Is. Amazing. After we move, Allan will retain his current job -- same salary, benefits, vacation, everything -- but work from home. We never expected this and are simply over the moon.

First: people who do document production at large law firms never work from home. I was in that business for 25 years, and Allan has been doing it longer, and neither of us have ever heard of a doc-pro person working remotely. So unheard of that we didn't even inquire about it!

Next: we really didn't know what Allan would do for work on the island. His current work only exists in major cities with big law firms. We expected we take a substantial income reduction, and we were prepared for that. But we can't live on only my salary, and what work Allan would find was a big concern -- much more to Allan than to me.

Then: some months back I saw a job posting for a "team assistant" in a Ministry (social-service agency) based in Port Hardy. A full-time, union job with benefits in the same town, where we're living and where I'll be working! A unicorn! Allan applied, and we did a ton of prep and coaching for the interview. And he did really well.

After our September Northern Ontario trip, Allan was catching up on his work emails and found a memo about a pilot program for employees to work from home. The deadline to apply was that very day, and he quickly sent it in.

When the Ministry called for a reference, Allan ended up speaking with one of the lawyers about our move. A long-time doc-pro person from the firm's Vancouver office is retiring... and would Allan like to take his position, but working from home?

We were very excited! But we also were concerned. If working remotely is a pilot program, what happens if it doesn't work out? If Allan turns down a rare full-time job with the Ministry, five minutes from my new library, and then the firm discontinues the pilot... that would suck.

That's when we learned that Allan's job will not be part of the pilot program. It's the same job he has now, from a different location. They were even so keen to make it work that they adjusted their preferred schedule to coincide with my new schedule. So for the first time in several years, Allan and I will be off work on the same days of the week.

This is amazing for so many reasons! No need for dog-care. No commuting time or expenses. No pay cut. Much less stress. In general, a much happier Allan.

I know some of you will say, "It was meant to be." Some will claim, "Everything happens for a reason." In my universe, nothing happens for any reason, just a big messy stew of talent, hard work, and blind luck.

Whoo-hoo! We're doing this thing!


James Redekop said...


Time to buy some lottery tickets before this lucky streak runs out. :)

Amy said...

This is clearly a statement about how valuable Allan must be to the firm. Law firms don't do these things just to be nice---ever. I am so delighted for you both! This does sound like the ideal arrangement. No more wasting time commuting or wearing uncomfortable clothes. Congratulations!

laura k said...

runs off to buy lotto tickets...

It is absolutely down to the firm recognizing Allan's worth as an employee. They're smart to realize that they should retain him. And no, they don't do things to be nice! That's not why they're in business.

I have to say, this firm has been a very good employer. And you know when I admit that, they must be good. :)

mkk said...

Such fabulous news!! I agree with Amy that it is a testament to how valuable Allan is to his law firm. Yay!

allan said...

I actually did nothing on the day the applications were due. It still did not seem possible. But I had contacted the firm's managing partner about a reference for the Ministry job and he asked for some info, so I told him - and added that I had seen those emails and was curious because I think it would work really well. I now know that he spoke to the office manager right away and told her to talk with me about a remote situation. He emailed me around midnight one night as I was getting ready to leave and asked if she had spoken to me. This was the day after Laura had been offered her job. I said, No, what about? (The office here is going to be renovated new year and she was busy with that, I guess.) "There are some options I think for you. I'll make sure she is in touch." And that got the ball rolling. As I told them today, this has removed so much stress and worry about my job up there.

No commute, no overheated office, no ringing telephones, no co-workers (though I actually like my co-workers), a dinner break out on the deck with Laura and Diego ... what's not to like?

Amy said...

Not too often in life is there no downside to something! So far this all sounds like win-win! You probably would have liked working remotely even in Mississauga!

laura k said...

Oh he definitely would! But he will like it much more in a house with a deck and a yard. In a place that's cool and breezy.

Jay Farquharson said...


impudent strumpet said...

OMG, that is amazing!!!!!

Congrats Allan, and welcome to Team Work From Home!

allan said...

Yeah, this seems like pretty much a perfect situation (Tuesday to Friday Noon to 10 PM). It's hard to believe it actually happened! Even going from 3 to 4 days might not be so bad if it is at home since being done (and home) at 10 is much better than getting home close to 1 AM. The only drawback is its conflict with baseball. Weekday night games in the East will start at 4 PM. But not being in an office means I could have a TV on right next to me.